My name is Sue Talbot, a great-great-granddaughter of Edward Smith Hall; I grew up listening to my mother’s stories about Monitor Hall and have been seriously interested in family history since 1989 when Vernon Hall presented me with a small bundle of hand written family letters from the mid 1800s.

As a result of these letters, books followed - ‘Victor of St. Heliers’, ‘The Boss of Marra Station’, ‘The Charles Claydon Family History’, ‘Monitor’s Children’ and ‘North of Mukinbudin’.

The annual publication of the Hall Family Newletter is an ongoing pleasure where I report on important family happenings as well as births, engagements, marriages and deaths from all states of Australia and overseas. This newsletter goes to about 450 families throughout Australia and overseas.

When I am not involved in ‘Things Hall’, I enjoy my family, needlework, gardening, classical music and playing my accordion. I am married to Bob who is very patient and supportive about my interest in family history; we have three married children - John & Louise, Andrew & Kim and Mandy & Jodie and are grandparents of nine - two girls and seven boys.

‘Victor of St. Heliers’. By Sue Talbot. Selected writings of Victor Hall and his family. $5.00 + postage.
‘The Boss of Marra Station’. By Sue Talbot. A biography of Frederick & Annie Hall. Out of print.
‘The Charles Claydon Family History’ By Sue Talbot. Out of print.
‘Monitor’s Children’. A biographical dictionary relating to descendants of Edward Smith Hall. $5.00 + postage.
‘North of Mukinbudin’. By Sue Talbot. Of Frederick and Annie Hall and their lives in WA. $5.00 + Postage.
‘The Heuston Family Gallery’. By Sue Talbot. A brief history of the family’s movement from Ireland. $5.00 + Postage
‘Monitor’s Children’ Second Edition. By Sue Talbot. A biographical dictionary relating to descendants of Edward Smith Hall. $15.00 + postage.